Business Development

Lean & Green

The goal of LEAN is to eliminate waste in a process.

Simple examples would be having parts, tools, and materials at point-of-use eliminating the need for techs walking back and forth across the shop.

Maximizing work time increases the tech's production efficiency and pay, and the shop's marketability and profit.

Financial Reporting
and Training

A business is run by the numbers.

The financials of a business serve as a dashboard of sorts giving the owners and managers reference points and a way to measure the effects of changes.

All industries have generally-accepted Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that we are well versed in and can help make recommendations for improvement.

Inventory Services

All paint jobbers sell paint. Everybody's paint works. Some lines offer certain advantages over others, but the truth is the difference is in the service.

By utilizing an automated Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) system, the paint and materials ordering and stocking becomes second nature.

It's a background to the real challenges of helping a shop become more efficient, turn more cars, and make more profit.

Shop Survey Services

Contaminated air, clogged filters, ill-maintained equipment and non-updated computers can wreak havoc on a collision center.

Our shop survey service will do a detailed analysis of equipment, systems, procedures, training and warranty status, and a host of other minute details that can easily get overlooked in the daily grind.

By tuning up the shop, redo's are minimized increasing throughput and profitability.

Parts Management Training

A highly-functioning parts department can make all the difference in the world when it comes to throughput efficiency.

Through formal parts classes, proper equipment recommendations, and help maintaining the change, Southern can help a shop eliminate the drags on Cycle Time caused by an inefficient parts program.

That is just the beginning.

Here are some more services we offer.

- Layout & Design
- Recruitment & Retention Strategies
- Shop OE Certification navigation assistance
- World-Class Color Matching Technology
- Estimator Training
- Pre & Post Scan Training
- and more...

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